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Fast Shipping

All products are shipped quickly and even free of charge from a minimum order value of 40€.

Special Designs

Our tags are all self-designed and engraved with love for your four-legged friend.

Lovely Packing

All products are lovingly packaged by hand - individually if required.

For the Environment

We donate part of the proceeds to environmental projects in Germany.

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“Everything was great. Great quality, very fast shipping! Would I order again :)"
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Four years ago our soul dog Bobby came into our lives. Bobby has to listen to many nicknames besides his call name: Bobmaster, Sweetheart, Bubulus Maximus and finally Bubala. That's how the name for our little project was born.

We took Bobby to dog school and also to an extra recall course, but when he sniffs a rabbit (or especially when he sees a pretty dog girl), it can happen that Bobby rushes up and away. That's why we have designed him a very personal dog tag, so that he - no matter what adventures he may pursue - always finds his way home again.

Bobby loves nature and we feel the same way. That's why our products are not only made from sustainable materials, but we also donate a portion to our favorite environmental projects in Germany with every purchase.

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